Applying “ED” was the Right Choice for Me

A common response that people have when I tell them I attend American University is “Which one?” Unknown to some, there is a university in Washington, DC named American University. I am currently a junior at AU pursuing a degree in political science. A vast majority of Americans enter university unsure of what they plan […]

Why I Chose a Women’s College

While there are many types of institutions in the US, from research universities to vocational schools to liberal arts colleges, far less known are women’s colleges. Though founded primarily during the 19th century when higher education was inaccessible to women those which exist today have evolved into modern institutions ready to meet the challenges for […]

The American Dream: University Edition

Navigating college and university applications is hard enough, up until you add an international college to the mix. When I was applying to colleges in my native country of India, I realized I wanted a liberal arts college education where I could study a variety of subjects before deciding what I really wanted to study […]

Transferring Colleges in the United States — Twice!

A typical college experience in my mind was choosing a university, staying for four years, and obtaining a degree. I had quite the opposite experience when I transferred universities not once, but twice! In the fall of 2014, I packed my bags for an eight hour road trip to my new home, the University of […]