Staying Fit in College

Incoming students should find a way to stay active during their time in college, whether this is through joining clubs sports, taking group fitness classes, or simply just going to to the gym. Not only will this help keep off the Freshman Fifteen, but there are also many other benefits that come with staying physically active, including improving your mental health, learning discipline, gaining self-confidence, and making friends.

Living on a University Campus

In movies and TV shows about the American college experience, one of the most glorified aspects are the residence halls or dormitories, often referred to simply as dorms. Prior to my first year in college this was one of the aspects I was most nervous yet excited about.

Taking Advantage of College Internships

Going into college I expected to take classes on a normal workday schedule while maintaining a part-time job to help cover some expenses. An internship was the last thing I was considering my freshman year. I thought I would start applying for internships that pertained to my field of studies during my senior year, if […]

Applying “ED” was the Right Choice for Me

A common response that people have when I tell them I attend American University is “Which one?” Unknown to some, there is a university in Washington, DC named American University. I am currently a junior at AU pursuing a degree in political science. A vast majority of Americans enter university unsure of what they plan […]

What I Learned as a Student Athlete

What I Learned as a Student AthleteKendall Grace| Summer 2017 EducationUSA Intern Over and over again I have heard the phrase “Do what you love”, and university life in America can do just that; it can provide the opportunity to do what you love on a level that you want to do it. Imagine this, […]