Advisers attend EUR regional workshop in Ljubljana, Slovenia

At the beginning of September, two advisers from the Fulbright Commission in Brussels were selected to participate in a special workshop in Ljubljana, Slovenia for EducationUSA Advisers of the Central and Southern Europe region.

16 Advisers attended this 3-day workshop organized by EducationUSA, a U.S. Department of State network and hosted by senior adviser trainers and REAC’s. Many different topics were introduced in line with the 5 steps to U.S. Higher Education from how students can research their options, how to finance their studies, completing their college/university application and preparing them for their departure to the U.S. During this workshop we had the opportunity to connect with all the other advisers and by sharing experiences it was a great way to get to know the challenges of advising students and how to improve one’s advising skills.

Among the topics that were covered, we learned more about the U.S. higher education system, how to apply certain advising techniques, and explaining financial aid opportunities to potential students. We also got an in-depth training on the application process when applying to U.S. institutions and how we can advise students who are preparing their application. Not only did we get training on several topics, but the entire workshop was also intended to be very interactive with group discussions, educational games, and networking activities.

EUR regional workshop in Ljubljana, Slovenia

In summary, this workshop turned out to be an excellent opportunity for advisers all around the Central and Southern Europe Region to meet each other and learn from each others advising experiences. We are very grateful to EducationUSA for inviting two advisers to participate and we would like to thank all the senior advisers and REAC’s for their support!