Take a look at this suggested timeline when you are interested in applying to U.S. colleges

12 to 18 months before departure

Evaluate your reasons for wanting to study in the USA taking into consideration :

  • motivation, objectives, why the USA and not elsewhere ?
  • your future plans : academic or employment opportunities
  • your English proficiency and academic ability
  • time required to earn an American degree
  • estimated cost of study & scholarship opportunities

June – September

Select 5 or 6 universities on the basis of their programs, degrees offered, accreditation, level of selectivity, cost, location and size

July – August

Find out which standardized tests are required (TOEFL, TSE, IELTS, ACT, SAT, GRE, GMAT) and register to take them in October or November. Forms are available at the Commission.

August – September

Write to 5 or 6 universities to request application forms for admission and financial aid.

October – February

  • request transcripts from your department or university and prepare literal translations
  • have the translations of degrees and transcripts certified at the Commission
  • apply for financial aid in Belgium and the USA
  • have professors send recommendation letters
  • send applications to universities well in advance of deadlines

February – April

Wait for acceptance and rejection letters from the universities.

March – April

Contact universities to which you have applied, but from which you have not yet received a response.

April – June

Accept offer of admission from your preferred university. Decline offers from other universities where you were also accepted. Contact the university housing office to reserve university owned housing. Contact the university Foreign Student Advisor for any specific information concerning arrival and orientation. Contact the Commission for pre-departure information.

Upon Arrival

Contact the Foreign Student Advisor.