Graduate Studies

Higher education in the United States means education beyond the secondary school level, or beyond the 12 years normally required to complete elementary and secondary studies. Higher education is offered by colleges, universities, professional schools, teachers’ colleges, community and junior colleges, vocational and technical schools, academies of art and music. Detailed information concerning higher education in the United States may be found at the Advising Center which has a library of programs of most of the colleges and universities in the United States, and reference books evaluating various specializations offered by these institutions.

While the information below should be useful as a point of departure for anyone interested in higher education in the United States, it should be noted that the Commission for Educational Exchange is not qualified to counsel students in the choice of a career, or to judge their aptitude for any particular university specialization. Students who wish to continue their education in the United States should note the following facts:

• Brochure: Guide to Graduate Level Studies in the United States (.pdf)

Postdoctoral Research Resources

Watch videos of Belgians who went to the United States for their postdoctoral research:

Other resources:

Online Graduate Programs: http://www.onlinegraduateprograms/

Sam Castañeda
Visiting Scholar and Postdoc Affairs Program
Office of the Vice Chancellor for Research
University of California, Berkeley

National Postdoctoral Association

Individual Development Plan
Federation of American Societies in Experimental Biology (FASEB)

Put Your Science to Work – Peter Fiske
available with Amazon.Com Books

Stanford University Counseling Center