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A New York Minute in a Philadelphia Month

An Interview with Doâa JafariBy EducationUSA Adviser Elisabeth Bloxam When Belgian student Doâa Jafari was selected for an EducationUSA Academy Scholarship at Temple University in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, she didn’t know what to expect. “Before attending the program, I had never heard of Temple University,” she admitted, but the campus quickly won her over. “Everywhere you turned, there was always something

A Revolutionary Summer at Boston University

“I had an amazing time with EducationUSA! I had the opportunity to learn about American culture, make friends from all over the world, and attend classes taught by excellent instructors.”

A Life Changing EducationUSA Academy Experience in Colorado

An Interview with Yousra Boulal By EducationUSA Adviser Elisabeth Bloxam Belgian student Yousra Boulal had never been to the United States before she traveled to Boulder, Colorado, as a 2019 EducationUSA Academy Scholar. “I had so many expectations … but at the same time I didn’t really know what to expect!” Yousra’s month in Colorado wound up being better than

Southern Hospitality at EducationUSA Academy

An Interview with Emma Runacres By EducationUSA Adviser Elisabeth Bloxam The American South is known for its hospitality: the friendly, welcoming attitude with which Southerners greet visitors. When Belgian student Emma Runacres traveled to Georgia as the recipient of a 2019 EducationUSA Academy Scholarship, she discovered this Southern hospitality firsthand. “I would never describe Belgium as a ‘grumpy country’,” Emma was

Studying Sociology at an EducationUSA Academy

When Belgian students dream of studying in the United States, many imagine the bright lights of New York City. But New York is more than the Big Apple. Just ask Clara Tshiamanga, who spent part of her summer in Syracuse, a college town in New York state that is closer to Canada than NYC!