Taking Advantage of College Internships

Going into college I expected to take classes on a normal workday schedule while maintaining a part-time job to help cover some expenses. An internship was the last thing I was considering my freshman year. I thought I would start applying for internships that pertained to my field of studies during my senior year, if […]

What I Learned as a Student Athlete

Over and over again I have heard the phrase “Do what you love”, and university life in America can do just that; it can provide the opportunity to do what you love on a level that you want to do it. Imagine this, 16 people on the ice interacting and moving as one, seamlessly transitioning […]

Reflections on University after Studying Abroad

This past year I studied abroad at Université Paul Valéry in Montpellier, France for two semesters, a total of 8 months, through a program from my American university, Mount Holyoke College. During my time at UPV I went through a lot of ups and downs. I made conclusions, had them challenged and came to new […]