Category: Life on Campus

Perspective: Living on a University Campus

In movies and TV shows about the American college experience, one of the most glorified aspects are the residence halls or dormitories, often referred to simply as dorms. Prior to my first year in college this was one of the aspects I was most nervous yet excited about.

Perspective: Cultural Adjustment in the United States

Cultural Adjustment in the United StatesUpasana Sharma | Summer 2017 EducationUSA Intern The first time I went to America, I was 16 years old. Following a last minute decision, I was allowed to tag along with my parents who were going as part of an official trip to various parts of the country. We travelled right from New York to

Perspective: Reflections on University after Studying Abroad

Reflections on University after Studying AbroadElisabeth Lee | Summer 2017 EducationUSA Intern This past year I studied abroad at Université Paul Valéry in Montpellier, France for two semesters, a total of 8 months, through a program from my American university, Mount Holyoke College. During my time at UPV I went through a lot of ups and downs. I made conclusions,