SAT International Registration: Changes in 2017

Are you thinking of applying to a bachelor’s degree program in the United States within the next few years? If the answer is yes, then you probably know that students wishing to enter an American college or university must arrange to take either the ACT or SAT by the last year of their secondary studies. […]

EducationUSA Academy Summer 2016: Learn English and Experience US university life!

EducationUSA Belgium and Luxembourg is pleased to announce the worldwide launch of the U.S. Department of State’s EducationUSA Academy at 10 U.S. host campuses across the United States in summer 2016. The EducationUSA Academy is a 3-to-4-week academic program that provides self-funded, non-native English speaking students who range in age from 15 to 17 and reside […]

Flemish pupils and teacher find American friends

As an English teacher the Sint-Aloysiuscollege in Diksmuide, I have always been on the look-out to find ways to make my pupils communicate with native speakers. In the course of the years I have surfed a lot on the Internet to find some opportunities. Sometimes I was lucky and found a contact. Very often the […]

We’re off to Belgium…from our classroom!

“Belgium, is that a city? Where in the world is that? That’s the place that has waffles, right?” Unfortunately this is the response that I receive from many students when I first introduce our correspondence with our “new friends” in Belgium! However, once we receive our first letter from Belgium, it is a whole new […]

My Transition From High School to University in the U.S.

Leaving and beginning is always a difficult thing. Finding ways to say goodbye and then to say hello is not an easy task, and doing this across borders is especially daunting. However this can also have its advantages. When I left my high school in Nigeria where I knew everyone’s name, I was unsure of […]